Toronto’s Shrine Peace Memorial on July 18th, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

My first visit to Toronto’s Shrine Peace Memorial. The memorial serves as a symbol of friendship and peace between Canada and the United States. It’s located on the CNE grounds and there are flower gardens nearby.

The sky was very hazy on the day we chose to visit. This resulted in really lovely subdued even lighting. Overcast skies are my preferred choice of lighting whenever I’m shooting outdoors. It’s easier to achieve soft and well exposed photos. Sunny days usually result in harsh shadows and uneven lighting which isn’t what I’m usually trying to achieve.

When photographing the allium flowers (the circular flowers that look like fireworks), I unluckily walked into a spiderweb. I felt something on my face and went to wipe it off. All I remember seeing is a speck of black on my palm with many legs. Maybe it was an ant. But with my luck and fear of spiders, it was probably a spider. I didn’t check to see what it was as I immediately started shaking my hand. Did I shriek a little? Why yes, yes I did.

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