The Edge of Darkness

Winter 2015 Thesis

As one of the most notable cities in Canada, Toronto is known for its urban development, congested space, and its skyline. The downtown core is especially known for its overpopulated region. This in turn, leads to a great amount of light pollution in the city. This series aims to show the city light that is contained in Toronto and how this light pollution can be seen from varying distances. This method of mapping out the city reveals the way public space is used and how everyday scenes can reveal a lot more about the area. As a result of the photographs being taken at night, one is also able to see how light is a big aspect of city life.

Light pollution can be experienced by very bright streetlamps, electronic signs, and other bright light sources. This excess light ends up creating a haze or a diffused glow over the city. Also called skyglow, which refers to the illumination of the night sky, this light accumulates into a vast glow that can be seen from afar. However, not all electric lights are deemed detrimental, as they benefit society and extend the length of a productive day. When these lights become inefficient, annoying, and unnecessary, this is when they begin to be referred to as light pollution.

Digital, 2015.

Digital, 2015.

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