Fall 2014 Thesis

One could say that nature and humankind have a very distinct relationship. Between the two exists a delicate balance. Living in the city, this is sometimes easy to overlook as we tend to be surrounded by buildings and other human establishments. In our world, there are spaces that consist primarily of the human footprint and others that contain more of the natural environment. But there are also areas that contain both. It could be said that this is a symbiotic relationship as there is a close and long term relationship between two diverse “beings” that exist and work off each other. But these relationships are not always beneficial to both as one side may benefit more than the other. Therefore, I decided to document this push and pull relationship between humans and nature.

Taken in and around Toronto, these photographs aim to show aspects of human activity within nature and how they work together to create an environment. Bridges are built over rivers and lakes for transportation, houses are built within the trees, spaces are paved over for roads, and lumber is taken to be used as building material. All these instances are examples of this relationship that we often fail to notice. But once made aware, we are able to see to see this partnership that we share. We are able to see our co-existence with each other.

Digital, 2014.

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