Hues of the Horizon

Living in the city for my whole life, I almost never take the time to look up and enjoy the sky that is above me. When we are walking to a destination, we are usually focused on what is in front of us or what is at our feet. There are places where if one does look up, they are surrounded by towering buildings, sky scrapers, electrical wires The sky is limited to us by these surroundings. It can also vary from different colours to different cloud formations to anything between the two. But I found myself to only notice it and photograph it when it looked like something out of the ordinary. For this series, I wanted to show that even without a brilliant sunset or terrifying storm, the sky alone can be just as beautiful. I was inspired by Eric Cahan’s “The Sky Series”. He would take pictures of the horizon at different times during the day and at different locations when he would travel. 

Digital, 2013.

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