Pink Summer Sunset on July 15th, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

Such an intense summer sunset!! I was at my usual spot waiting for sundown, but unfortunately the sky remained dull and unchanging. So I decided to leave. I had a feeling that I should have stayed but I didn’t listen to my gut as I should have. There have been many other times where I’d leave thinking nothing would happen only for the sky to start changing minutes later. Sunsets can really be so unpredictable sometimes.

On the drive home, I noticed the sky turning pink. And this wasn’t your standard soft sunset pink. This was a bright pink that was only getting more intense by the moment. We pulled over by a nearby park and I dashed out to photograph whatever I could. Sunsets like these don’t happen every day and I felt so humbled being alone surrounded by a giant expanse of vibrant sky. The energy felt electric and you could smell the incoming rain in the air.

The lighting here was tricky and it made me realize that I really need a new camera that handles low light situations better. I feel regret when I think about the photos that didn’t turn out but there was nothing I could do, both in the moment and in postproduction.

When I felt like I had all of the photos I wanted, the sunset was also starting to fade. Then, there was a sudden shift in the air and I could hear the rain start to make its way in. I grabbed my belongings and made a mad dash to the car before the rain could really get bad. Once I closed the car door, the skies opened up and it just started pouring. Good timing on my part!

What I love about sunsets like these is how they become the talk of the town for the next few days. I really enjoy going on Instagram to see all the other photos my fellow Torontonians have taken. While Toronto is definitely blessed with its fair share of gorgeous sunsets, ones like these don’t happen often and they get all us nature lovers excited!

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