Niagara Falls During Snowfall in Winter on February 26th, 2022.

Digital, 2022.

I’ve been looking forward to revisiting Niagara Falls during winter for a few years now. I went when it was almost frozen over a few years back and I was just stunned at the view. It was very, very cold that day and even more so since we were close to the falls, but to me, it was 100% worth it.

This time around, the falls weren’t completely frozen over but the views were still stunning. Niagara Falls is beautiful all year round but there is something very special about it in winter. On the day we went, it was very cloudy and snow was in the forecast. While looking for parking, the sun peeked out for a moment and bathed everything in gold, before disappearing again. While actually walking along the falls, it began to snow heavily and the flakes were huge! I felt as if I had stepped into a snow globe, it was so beautiful. I’ve never experienced snowfall like this at Niagara Falls. It’s usually bound to be snowing the closer one gets to the falls, as mist tends to turn to snow when the weather is cold enough. However, we were still a little ways away from that point. I’m sounding like a broken record but I couldn’t believe how beautiful the landscape was. It felt like a different place.

The photos I took from this visit are some of my all time favourites. I’m so glad the falling snow comes through in the photos. I even took a few videos of the scenery and some in slow motion to capture the falling snow in all its glory. They’ll be up on my Instagram soon so keep a look out!

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