Red Sunset at Rouge River on August 8th, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

Photographing an intense sunset at Rouge River has always been on my photography bucket list. I’m so glad I was lucky enough to be able to photograph one. After a hazy day, I had an inkling that we would be getting an intense sunset. That seemed to be the norm on other hazy days so I was super excited for what was hopefully to come. I sat down on the beach with my camera and my phone, ready to take some photos and videos.

When the sky started to turn orange, I knew we were in for a treat. When the sun started to descend, I couldn’t believe my eyes in how defined it was in the sky. When it sank past the bridge, I was in awe at the obvious gradient of colour that covered it. I felt like I was looking at a spread from a photography magazine. I had to make sure I wasn’t staring at the sun for prolonged periods of time for obvious reasons.

I only wish I were able to take a photo of just the sun in the sky or the sun over the landscape. But I didn’t want to move from my spot on the beach and risk not making it to another area quick enough. I would rather have some photos than no photos at all. I wanted to return to take alternate photos but was unable to. At this point in the year, it’s too late for conditions that prompt a hazy sky. And just like that, there’s a new addition to my photography bucket list!

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