Intense Sunset on July 1st, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

This sunset. This sunset. This one is for the books. This one tells all the others “all right, pack up, it’s time to go home.” I’m just still so amazed by it and so so SO happy that I was able to see it with my own two eyes and to photograph it. Unfortunately, I was unable to head to one of my usual sunsetting spots but I was lucky enough to have an okay vantage point from home. I keep thinking back to all the photographs that could have been but I’d rather have images than no images at all. The last time I remember seeing a sunset with clouds like this was probably around 2014/2015 if my memory serves correct. So it’s been a long time coming.

It was just so surreal to look up at the sky and to see those rare mammatus clouds forming. That’s when I knew I needed to go grab my camera and quick. Not only did I want a shot of those clouds then and there, but I knew that if conditions didn’t change, what was to follow was going to be brilliant. And brilliant it was. Slowly, colour started to seep in and once the sunset was in full swing, colours and clouds were changing every few minutes. I felt delirious trying to get every photo I could just in case. Sifting through all those images was Future Gina’s problem. But I’m glad I did as I got a wonderful selection of images.

Mother Nature really outdid herself with this one. Bravo.

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