Cherry Blossoms on April 18th, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

Cherry blossoms are finally blooming! While visiting grandparents at the cemetery, my family noticed that there were several cherry blossom trees littered throughout the area. Strange how I’d never noticed them all these years. Granted, I feel like most Torontonians only see High Park as their cherry blossom central. With things being the way they are this year and last, many of us had to look to other places to get our Sakura fix. I know that personally, I had never looked into other areas in the city with cherry blossoms as I’d always head over to High Park in the past. While it is open to visitors this year (albeit being fenced off), I personally wasn’t about to brave the more than likely huge crowds vying for a chance to take a peek through the fences.

It had just rained a little, and the sky was still cloudy, so the lighting couldn’t have been better! I always love overcast lighting when shooting flowers or trees outdoors as it is effortless and beautiful diffused lighting. This was a really good photography day for me! It was also nice to just stand underneath the trees, breathe deep, and to relax for a small moment.

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