Storm and a Sunset on March 11th, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

This was one of those days where just by looking at the clouds in the evening, I could tell we would have a brilliant sunset later on. Sometimes I’m wrong since Mother Nature has a mind of her own, but I really love being right!

When we got to my spot, we could see the clouds rolling in and in no time at all, the sky opened up and unleashed a downpour onto the city. I was super lucky as I was out taking photos just seconds before! I headed back to the car, closed the door, and was just stunned at how the rain pelted down seconds later while the wind really picked up. Since we were by a hill, we could see the wind moving the rain horizontally. For a second or two, the rain streaks on our windshield were all completely horizontal!

After the rainstorm and a few short videos of the rain later, the sky began to turn pink and then orange. Soon after, some of the clouds gained definition and turned red. It’s not the most intense sunset I’ve seen but I’m not one to turn a sunset opportunity down! I’m really happy I got to go out to capture this beautiful scene.

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