Rouge River on October 10th, 2020.

Digital, 2020.

This was my second time visiting Rouge River. It’s hard to believe that the first was back in 2014 for my university thesis. To me, this is one of those places that I feel like I have visited multiple times. I had always wanted to come back but never found the time. For many of us, all we have right now is time so we made an afternoon of it.

Rouge River in autumn is stunning. If you’re lucky to be here during golden hour, you’re in for a treat! For the majority of our stay, the sky was cloudy and it even started to rain at one point. This didn’t bother me as I love shooting under overcast lighting and the rain made for some lovely gloomy shots of the lake. Cue everyone running for shelter and me with the biggest smile, camera aimed at the lake.

Not too long after, the sun came out and bathed everything in a warm, orange glow. You can see which photos were taken during this short lived golden hour and which were not. The foliage glows yellow and orange and the whole scene transforms into something more ethereal.

When we visited again a week later, the leaves didn’t look much different. I’d like to visit one more time to get the leaves at their peak but as I write this, it is late October, and it just might be a tad too late. I would love to go back during winter or right after a snow storm to capture winter shots for the first time. Fingers crossed!

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