Summer Trees on June 21st, 2021.

Digital, 2021.

First official day of summer, here we are! After what felt like forever, it has arrived! I’m not quite sure what kind of flowers these are, but they are so pretty! The tree pictured in the first two photos was a lot bigger than it looks. I felt so calm and at peace standing underneath it. It almost felt like a whole different world where sound was muted and the sunlight peeking through the leaves was warm and bright.

And like most floral related things this year, when we came back a week later, most of the flowers had sadly already dried up.

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Snowfall at Brickworks on Christmas Day, 2020.

Digital, 2020.

So, not only did I want to take photos at Brickworks during winter, I got to do that AND do it on Christmas after a snowstorm the night before! This may sound super cheesy, but it really felt like being inside a winter wonderland, or a snow globe after all the shaken snow settled. The snow clung to the trees in a way that doesn’t always happen and the atmosphere was silent. The only sounds in the air was distant chatter and the crunching of snow underneath your feet.

Since this year has been very different, we decided to do something different. Other families had the same idea but luckily, it wasn’t super crowded and people stuck to themselves or their group. I think it’s safe to say that absolutely everyone was in awe at the beauty of nature around them.

I hope that I’ll be able to visit again after another snowstorm. And let’s be frank, in Toronto another snowstorm is guaranteed. I only wish that I’ll be able to get there soon enough before all that fresh snow gets stepped on.

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